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About Us

Veterinary Behaviour Professionals

What we do

At Tail Therapy - Veterinary Behaviour Solutions we provide behaviour assessment, diagnosis, and treatment advice for behaviour problems in companion animals.

Our aim is to give you an understanding of your pet’s behaviour, what may be motivating it, and options for addressing the issues without using fear or intimidation.

How we do it

Our consultation process involves three steps.

After giving your authorisation and answering an initial in-depth questionnaire, the first consultation (up to 60 minutes) involves gathering further information on the issues and your pet’s daily life to assess the problems.

During the second consultation (30 minutes) we discuss the assessment, diagnoses, and treatment options with you.

Consultations may be conducted at your home, at your usual vet clinic (by arrangement), or via video link, depending on the situation.

We prefer to work in conjunction with your usual vet and will keep them informed.

The cost, payable prior, excludes travel time and mileage (if any). Any laboratory or other testing, ancillary aids, or medication required is additional.

Written reports, follow up consultations, and assistance with treatment are also available to help maximise positive outcomes, and are charged on a time basis.

Who we are

Our qualified behaviour veterinarian, Rachael Stratton, has over 20 years’ experience in clinical behaviour, consulting, and general practice, in university, government, and private sectors.

Our qualified behaviour nurse and trainer also have extensive experience.

The team has a professional, yet empathic, holistic approach to cases, helping to improve the human-animal relationship through realistic guidance.

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